Chat with Bijan Saadati on Real Estate: Small Changes with Big Impact

Chat and Grow MasterMinds with Tiffany Youngren

May 31 2018 • 43 mins

Gaining traction in the highly competitive industry of Real Estate sales can be challenging - and invigorating (if you do it right).

Today, Tiffany interviews Bijan Saadati, a leading real estate broker in the Hollywood Hills, and he shares how he got so far in a short amount of time.

Bijan expands on tactics you've probably heard before, but his approach and results will get you going. Things like,

1. Referrals are king.

2. Your network, social media, friends.

3. Market yourself!

He talks about the momentum created by success, overcoming fear, and avoiding more mistakes by working with a mentor, social media, and even Zillow - plus other helpful insights.

Bijan Saadati is the Lead director for his team Bijan Estates and has the right experience and commitment to ensure you reach your real estate goals. After 10 plus years in real estate and finance Bijan has truly cultivated a great reputation within the community and has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate , or want to refer someone you know to a real estate professional, you want the experience to be positive, rewarding and most importantly, you want results! Bijan and his team uses every resource available to them to ensure your real estate experience is Five Star.

Bijan and his team lead the Los Angeles area market on list to sale price ratio, average days on market, and search to close date. What is impressive about his team is he is willing to back his promises with guarantees ensuring you have someone motivated and committed to obtain the results you are seeking.