Life Possible Podcast Episode 14 - Zan Romeder

Life Possible Podcast

Nov 13 2020 • 1 hr 9 mins

Wow! Just when you thought these shows couldn't get any better in walks our featured guest Zan Romeder! She is the perfect example of successful client, coach and clinic owner! So her story and insights will be valuable for all audiences! We cover her personal journey where she realized she wasn't really eating as "healthy" as she thought she was. Some of her pre-conceived ideas that many have about the program and how they were resolved. How she became so healthy after the protocol she had an amazing late life pregnancy and birth and has two wonderful daughters 16 years apart! Coaching clients for almost 10 years means she has a wealth of experience and she shares some insights into the issues that surround "those last 10 pounds." And we debut a model of mine called "The Stages of Happiness of an Ideal Protein Journey." So much here for all to connect with and benefit from! Don't miss it!!