Maed in India

Oct 13 2019 • 1 hr 6 mins

And he’s back. Warren Mendonsa aka Blackstratblues comes to Maed in India with his guitar, looping pedal and his latest album in tow. We talk about his daughter Nia and her royalties, studying to be an engineer when all your friends are doing cooler stuff in college, how to make the best pav bhaji, epic basslines, his 40th birthday, Steely Dan and more. You’ll also get to hear a stripped down set of his album, When It’s Time, and an unreleased gem thrown in too.

Set List:

Tiny Bit Of Sky (01:05 - 03:01)

Happy E Friends (11:42 - 13:37)

Black Hole x3 (24:57 - 26:04)

When It’s Time To Go (30:51 - 31:17)

Random Improv At Sunset (49:07 - 52:55)

Untitled (1:00:30 - 1:04:38)

Musicians: Warren Mendonsa

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