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Vigilante is a podcast about regular people who take justice into their own hands - for better, or for worse. Hosted by Sarah James McLaughlin. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Vigilante podcast is a true crime podcast. The first season examines the story of Tim Miller, a Texan search-and-rescuer. Miller has helped locate hundreds of people worldwide, whether alive or dead. He became known for his expertise in locating missing children in particular. For four decades, Miller spent every day trying to discover what happened to his own daughter. It is the one case he couldn't seem to solve, and neither could law enforcement.

Police found Laura Miller's body in a rural piece of land in League City in the 1980s. This area has received the nickname the "Texas Killing Fields." Over 30 women have gone missing there. This case was more suspicious. In the exact same spot, police found three more women. They suspected a serial killer was responsible for all four murders, but they never found him. The first season of the podcast begins when Vice journalist Allie Conti travels to Texas. It's right after the reporter receives her private investigator license. In her first case, she shadows Miller, who thinks he has finally found his daughter's murderer. According to Miller, the killer is a man named Clyde Hendrick. He is already serving time in prison and is about to finish his sentence. Miller needs to work fast if he wants to ensure Hendrick doesn't kill again.

When Vigilante starts, Miller seems like a hero and a savior for many. As the story progresses, Conti learns disturbing facts about him. She realizes he's made false accusations in the past that led people to suicide. At some point, the host also begins to fear she might be in danger.

Conti tells Miller's tense story over Vigilante's first season. The account spans five captivating episodes. In later seasons, the journalist investigates other cases where regular people try to assume the role of the police. She continues to tell engaging narratives that are both entertaining and nerve-wracking.

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