Eric Bedell - Rediscovering life

Dead America

Jun 7 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

I assist people in generating greater self-awareness, self-acknowledgment and self-acceptance. I coach clients to observe, welcome, and integrate all parts of themselves into their ideal visions. This results in richer life experiences, stronger leadership, and resourcefulness to turn in any obstacle into opportunity

I've spent the majority of my life living through experiences that have broken me down along the way; a multi-year battle with disordered eating and negative self image, failures to approach the world in ways that were best for myself, and an upending of who I was from a collapsed marriage. Once the lessons and wisdom from these experiences were integrated into my conscious worldview, they became mechanisms for helping others achieve the balance, peace, and clarity of direction that I discovered for myself.

I was legit saved by coaching, and became dedicated to and obsessed with sharing the tools and exercises that I learned. By adding ICF-accredited Coach training to my certified personal training background, and undergrad work in psychology and sociology, I was inspired to offer others what I believe to be the most incredible medicine of the self. Those that have been through a coaching process with me often admit that life is changed afterwards; fear to move forward subsides and is replaced by the courage to go after whatever they seek.