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Refreshingly candid conversations with some of today’s most humble leaders. Adam Kaufman dives into topics often left unexplored. His guests’ challenges, fears, and motivations show what it takes to become a humble leader. read less

Our Editor's Take

Who are the most humble leaders? And what can we learn from them? Discover the secrets to their success in the Up2 podcast. Host Adam Kaufman interviews some of the most inspiring leaders. From business owners and public servants to daring entrepreneurs and global changemakers. These global leaders have one thing in common: staying humble despite success.

The Up2 podcast isn't all about business. Each guest talks about how they grew up and about their life ethos. It's about what inspired them and continues to inspire them to be leaders in their own lives.

Up2 started as a live event and is now a podcast, with new interviews dropping each week. Host Kaufman is a speaker, consultant, and creator of the Up2 Foundation. He is a humble leader himself. But who else will join him?

One guest is Kennedy family member Tim Shriver. He led the Special Olympics International Board of Directors. His life's ambition is to spread his passion for the sport worldwide. He talks to Kaufman about how his famous parents involved him and his siblings in conversations about social change as they were growing up. These conversations led to active involvement, ensuring it was a way of life for them all.

In another episode, Kaufman interviews financial executive Dirk Jungé. When generational wealth places a person in a particular societal position, what should they do with that? As one of 53 grandchildren, Jungé has a lot to say about the importance of family. He also talks in a candid way about privilege and its impact on his journey.

Listeners can also hear from thought leader Ted Souder and journalist Shelby Coffey. Venture Capitalist Carol Melton discusses the importance of mentors in her life. Entrepreneur Pankaj Shah talks about helping others. There's also an episode with Doug Holladay, the founder of PathNorth. He chats to Kaufman about living life with meaning and gratitude. Each episode promises to provide essential information to inspire every listener.

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