Congressman Blake Moore’s first eventful month in office

Inside Sources

Feb 8 2021 • 10 mins

Congressman Blake Moore has had a very eventful first month in office. After being sworn in as the first new congressman for the area since 2003 in early January, the country has been rocked by polarized politics, an attack at our nation’s capital, a new administration, and continued coronavirus pandemic problems. Moore breaks down the lessons, surprises, and future outlook of his new role.  ‘Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson,’ Opinion Editor at Deseret News, takes you inside the latest political news and current events, providing higher ground for today's discussions. Listen live Monday through Thursday from 11 am to noon at 1160 AM and 102.7 FM, online at KSLNewsradio.com, or on the app. Listen on-demand as a podcast on your favorite platform or web browser. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Want more Boyd? Don’t forget to listen to his Deseret News podcast ‘Therefore, What?,’ sign up for his weekly newsletter, and follow him on Twitter. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.