Feather.so with Bhanu Teja P

Slow & Steady

Aug 25 2022 • 32 mins

Benedicte chats with Feather.so founder Bhanu Teja P to talk about his Notion to blog platform and the importance of marketing your product.

After quitting his job as a software engineer, Bhanu started blogging. He enjoyed creating content but the process was time consuming: after writing on Notion, he still had to convert it to Markdown, and then transfer it to the blogging platform.

He then thought about developing a tool that would make things easier for Notion users.

A rebrand of a previous product, Feather.so is a blogging platform that enables Notion users to write and publish their content without having to go through the tedious conversion and copy-pasting process.

Bhanu and Benedicte talk about his other Notion-based tools, why marketing your product is as important as building it, and more!