Everything’s Coming Together

Slow & Steady

Aug 18 2022 • 47 mins

Benedikt and Benedicte are both celebrating very productive weeks as they see all their efforts come together in their respective projects.

Benedikt and the team had a pretty successful week in terms of stuff shipped: they finished the frontend query builder improvements, implemented an Amplitude cohort sync integration, and added a server-side rendering for their new message “document schema”. They also plan to work on a bug in their old editor that’s causing problems with their users’ inline image data.

Benedicte’s also on a roll: they had a great meeting with Cloudinary last week, talking to Newline for producing courses, and is currently getting ready for her talks at Modern FrontEnds Live! and at Jamstack Conf 2022. She’s also working on a fun side project to clean up her Twitter following.