Are Gatsby and Jamstack dead?

Slow & Steady

Sep 7 2023 • 54 mins

Benedikt comes back from summer vacation. Benedicte grapples with Gatsby and Jamstack “dying”.

Coming back from his three-week vacation, Benedikt is feeling relaxed and recharged. On his first few days back, he was able to work on the proper solution for their issue with large broadcasts.

With the recent changes at Netlify, the dev community is wondering if Gatsby and Jamstack are indeed dead. Benedicte's recent challenges with support has given her a new product idea: a no-code authentication for no-coders. She also shares another project idea that could let people create a “mixtape” of podcast episodes.

Benedikt and Benedicte also talk about the tasks we offload to our smartphones, how to get into the flow zone, and more.