#5 Maggie Doyne: Look for those moments that turn you upside down

Mindful & Millionaire

Jun 15 2022 • 24 mins

In this episode of the Mindful and Millionaire podcast, we encounter some exciting topics revolving around spirituality and purpose. We are sitting down with Maggie Doyne, the founder of the Blink Now Foundation and best-selling author of the book Between the Mountains and The Sky. Some great insights to look out for in this interview.

Key Takeaways:

  • Her story of moving to Nepal and working in partnership with the community there
  • What are some things that she learned by herself along the way?
  • Change is slow; it’s organic. It’s not something that happens overnight; it happens over generations
  • If you do all the right things, if you do good, if you try to make a difference, life will reward you
  • Education is one of the world’s greatest equalizers

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Photo credit: Stance Photography.