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Phoenix from the Ashes: How Retailability transformed its supply chain in the face of adversity
Mar 1 2023
Phoenix from the Ashes: How Retailability transformed its supply chain in the face of adversity
Welcome to our first episode of our Talking Shop with Retail Directions, our new podcast series, where we bring you inspiring stories and insights from the ever-changing world of retail.In this episode, we have a very special guest with us, Steve Pearson, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics for one of South Africa's largest retailers, Retailability.Retailability's acquisition of Edgars hit the headlines in 2002. But after moving into larger warehouse facilities to support its combined supply chain requirements, Retailability faced a devastating disaster.Join us to find out how Retailability did not let this setback defeat them, and how their people came together and worked tirelessly to get their supply chain back up and running. Their story of resilience and determination in the face of adversity is truly inspiring.Steve also shares valuable insights into the broader world of supply chain management and offers some key takeaways that any retail professional will want to hear.So, whether you're a business leader looking to learn from others' experiences, or simply someone who loves a good comeback story, this episode is not to be missed. Steve Pearson on LinkedInRetailability on LinkedInFind out more about simplifying Warehouse and Logistics management in your retail operations - download our Warehouse & Logistics overview here, or get in touch here. We'd love to hear your story.Anything is possible when you reduce complexity.Simplify your retail operations, reduce operating costs, and deliver seamless experiences for your customers and staff with Retail Directions - your fully integrated platform for connected retail management. Get in touch at Music by ComaStudio from Pixabay