How to Get Started in Conservation Filmmaking: An Interview with Morgan Heim

Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast

May 11 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

#073: If you've been curious about pushing your boundaries as a still photographer, and diving into the wide and wild world of filmmaking, then today's episode will totally be your cup of tea.

Moving from still photography into video is an amazing way to challenge your creative mind and learn a whole plethora of new skills. But it also has some hurdles and stumbling blocks, both when you're in the creative planning stage and most definitely when you're behind the camera.

Today's guest is someone who has been there done that, and has become an award-winning filmmaker and a much-in-demand professional hired by nonprofits and companies alike.

Morgan Heim takes us back to the days when she was moving from still photography into filmmaking, and walks us through some of the big hiccups to pay attention to. She also explains why the hard work is absolutely worth it, and how filmmaking can catapult you into a wide range of fresh opportunities you'd otherwise not have.

You'll Learn

  • The biggest muscle memory habits you have to break
  • Why filmmaking seems Zen-like, yet really, really isn't
  • Ways that filmmaking lets you embrace your inner child and goof off
  • How to build sequences (instead of shot lists)
  • The importance of staying present with your subjects
  • The simple strategy to remove complexity from the learning process
  • The ways that filmmaking can make you orders of magnitude more hire-able as a professional
  • What parts of filmmaking you can do yourself, and which tasks you can hire out to experts

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