Balancing A Million Projects Without Going Crazy (Q&As)

Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast

Aug 3 2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

Have a question about conservation visual storytelling that you want me to answer on this podcast? Submit it at jaymih.com/ask.

Leave me a voice message asking whatever questions you have on your mind about conservation photography or visual storytelling. I'll pull from those questions to answer the best and most pressing here on the podcast.

Today's questions were submitted by a Wild Idea Lab member. This was kind of the spark that started this whole idea of answering questions on the podcast, because these questions really resonate with a lot of people, including me.

We're diving into questions about balancing all of these conflicting priorities and juggling all kinds of tasks, and how you can figure out what it is that you're gonna work on and not be totally frazzled by your to-do list.

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