From Getting Started to Making Big Change: Inspirational Advice From Our Interviews

Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast

Sep 29 2020 • 49 mins

#045: We’ve been lucky enough to listen to so many incredibly inspiring conservation visual storytellers on this podcast, and so I thought I would do something a little different for this episode.

We're walking along the career path of a conservation photographer - from launching into a very first project, to finding your style, to raising huge amounts of money for conservation as a seasoned professional.

Get ready to relive the highlights in the conversations we’ve had so far with amazing creatives. You'll discover sources for creative inspiration, key moments of persistence and humour in photography, to skills and tips you need in the conservation photography field.

I hope you find these moments from our past guests inspiring, and that it reminds you about how much is truly possible when you put your mind to it.

So sit back, pop in some headphones, and enjoy!

You'll Learn

  • How a first photo project can change you
  • Strategies for finding and shooting stories
  • When you know a story is ready to pitch
  • Taking pride in raising funds for conservation
  • and skills beyond visual storytelling

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