Road to Wrestlemagia - Dances with Dogs

Are We Dead Yet?

Jul 15 2021 • 1 hr 30 mins

Season 4 of Are We Dead Yet? brings you an explosive campaign called "The Road to Wrestlemagia" Dmed by the always wonderful Ian Lopez of the Rise of Nyarlathotep campaign by Ballad of the Seven Dice. In this episode the second fight begins as Dirk, Takeru and Wafflez fight against a team of paragons. As one learns of Wafflez true nature, the fight turns chaotic!

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Cover Art by Ashley Steinke

Intro and Outro Music by Salty Dawg Company. Find more of their work on Soundcloud.

Background music provided by Andrew Sitkov and used under license purchased through humble bundle.

Additional Background Music provided by under an attribution, non-commercial 4.0 international license from creative commons. Tracks used today include: Field of Heroes, Cry Havoc,  Skirmish, Medieval Fair, Superhero, and Endgame,

Wafflez theme song was "Ice Cream With You" by Loyalty Freak Music under a public domain dedication.

Sound Effects provided by under a public domain dedication.

Find Ian and the rest of the Ballad of the Seven Dice cast over at their Website or on Twitch!