The Fedora Files

G Fedora

The Fedora Files explores all facets of this world. We talk with fascinating people about what drives them and what their passions are, as well as diving into some of the most mysterious tales from around the globe. It is a cornucopia of eclectic entertainment. Check out fedoracrt.com for even more exciting content.

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Episode 51: Becoming an Eagle
Episode 51: Becoming an EagleEpisode 50: 50thEpisode 49: X Project FitnessEpisode 48: Frankies Pretty MonstersEpisode 47: Old Talbott TavernEpisode 46: Puerto Rico DistilleryEpisode 45: Smooch StudioEpisode 44: Bloody MaryEpisode 43: Steel FitEpisode 42: McClintock DistillingEpisode 41: Crybaby BridgeEpisode 40: Greenbrier Valley Brewing CompanyEpisode 39: Rockstar FitnessEpisode 38: Warehouse CinemasEpisode 37: Bobby Mackey's Music WorldEpisode 36: Workbench MikeEpisode 35: Frederick SocialEpisode 34: Jonathan Dodd Cryptid ArtistEpisode 33: Dragon DistilleryEpisode 32: Mazzaroth Vineyard