Matt Sutton (The Black Tux) - Making career moves to learn new roles

Destination CMO with Vincent Phamvan

Mar 14 2023 • 48 mins

From Capital One to Facebook, Framebridge, and now The Black Tux, Matt Sutton is a global performance marketing and brand leader with more than a decade of experience in consumer and business marketing across industries. Matt’s recent work has been featured on CNBC, SharkTank, USAToday, Adweek, AdAge, The Drum, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, People, and the NY Times. On today’s episode of Destination CMO Matt talks with Vincent about his time at Capital One, and what led to him being recruited at Facebook. Matt shares his experience “wearing different hats” in his various roles as a marketer (including five roles in seven years at Facebook), and the importance of taking calculated risks, and making career moves to learn something new.

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