The Secret to Setting New Years Resolutions for Busy Moms Ep. 33

Peaceful Mama Life: Motherhood, Self-Care, Nervous System Regulation, Entrepreneurship, Homeschooling, Human Design

Dec 21 2023 • 13 mins

Join us in this episode of Peaceful Mama Life as we unravel the myth of New Year's Resolutions for busy moms. Discover why traditional resolutions might not be the ideal approach and explore actionable strategies to cultivate a fulfilling and balanced life instead. Learn effective alternatives to resolutions that honor your role as a mom while achieving personal growth and well-being. Tune in for insightful tips on embracing a more realistic and sustainable path to a peaceful and empowered mama life. Be the first to know all the details on our Virtual Motherhood Circle beginning in 2024! Sign up for our newsletter: Sign up for Peaceful Mama Newsletter! LInktree Connect With ME!

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