Leading in Captivity w/ Monique Daigneault

Next Steps Forward

Dec 7 2021 • 1 hr

Monique Daigneault, president and CEO of MD Consulting speaks with Chris Meek about her role as an executive coach with over three decades of experience developing corporate executives into successful leaders ready to change company cultures. Monique's personal story exemplifies what it means to be empowered: having dropped out of high school, she married at sixteen, got a divorce, was a single mom to her two children, began her healing journey through exercise and bodybuilding, got her GED along with three college degrees, and is now a successful entrepreneur and author. After spending a significant portion of her life in the process of healing, she figured out how to use her experiences to help others think, reflect and move forward in life. She will speak about how she helps leaders and executives overcome micro-traumas in the workplace, the common mistakes that leaders often make, how to ensure that your leadership style and brand stay authentic to who you are, and how you can use your past experiences to empower yourself and others.