The Story of the Lost Cafe Schindler w/ Meriel Schindler

Next Steps Forward

Jan 11 2022 • 1 hr

Meriel Schindler is the author of The Lost Cafe Schindler: One Family, Two Wars, and the Search for Truth which follows the journey of her extraordinary family prior to and during WWII, including the Jewish doctor who treated Adolf Hitler’s mother when she was dying of breast cancer, Franz Kafka, Oskar Schindler and Alma Schindler, the wife of Gustav Mahler. On this episode of Next Steps Forward, Meriel speaks with Chris Meek about the Cafe Schindler which was at the time a celebrated social club in Innsbruck, her personal family history and how it coincided with the overall fate of the Jews of western Austria. Meriel’s family story is captivating and will leave readers spellbound, while bringing another fresh perspective on the antisemitism of the era and the Nazi occupation as a whole. For those interested in history, this is an hour that you will not soon forget. Meriel’s story is a testament to the bonds of family and reclaiming a family’s place in history.