Ultimate Redemption: Brownsville Incident of 1906 w/ Janet Baker

Next Steps Forward

Aug 10 2021 • 1 hr

Janet Baker is an Assistant General Counsel at S&P Global Inc. and certified Information Privacy Professional for both Europe and the United States. But she is also a woman that wears many hats, one of which gives her profound ability as a storyteller, especially in her re-telling of the very true and very heart-wrenching story of the Brownsville Texas Incident of 1906. For those in the audience who may not know, 167 Black soldiers were accused, without trial or due process, of shooting up the town of Brownsville and were subsequently discharged from the 25th Infantry without honor by President Theodore Roosevelt. Baker will recount to program host Chris Meek her father’s lifelong connection to the incident. Lt. Col. William Baker first witnessed the death of a Brownsville soldier as a young boy, then went on to serve on an assignment to investigate the Brownsville incident through his work at the Pentagon, finally leading him to spend several decades researching the incident for his book “The Brownsville Incident of 1906: The True and Tragic Story of a Black Battalion’s Wrongful Disgrace and Ultimate Redemption,” which lays out evidence for the Brownsville soldier’s innocence. The book can be found on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Brownsville-Texas-Incident-1906-Battalions/dp/1943267715. Janet Baker’s re-telling of the Brownsville Incident and her father’s lifelong connection to the particular moment in history is a reminder of the power that can be found in storytelling, as well as a reminder that life can often be cyclical and how many of us are called to our true purpose over and over again if we are open and willing. Above all else, audience members will be inspired to always do the right thing even if it is difficult, especially when it means proving innocence and fighting on behalf of the honor and memory of others.