Kicking the Stigma w/ Steve Campbell and Ashley Powell

Next Steps Forward

Oct 19 2021 • 1 hr

In this episode of Next Steps Forward, Chris Meek facilitates an informative conversation with guests Steve Campbell and Ashley Powell. Working for the National Football League would be considered a dream job for many in the audience, Steve and Ashley will describe the paths that lead them to their roles as Vice President of Communications and Director of Community Relations, respectively, for the Indianapolis Colts. They will also discuss their responsibilities within their positions, the skills individuals need to find success in a career in sports communications or community relations, and the most challenging and rewarding parts of their jobs. Both guests focus on the recent emergence of mental health awareness within the sports spectrum, particularly due to COVID-19, as the Colts have adopted mental health as an important cause for their organization through their “Kicking the Stigma” campaign. They will speak about the impact that the awareness campaign has had on the community, as well as the NFL’s commitment to current social justice issues. Don’t miss out on this special inside look into life working for an NFL team!