Breaking the Mental Health Stigma w/ Tim McCarthy

Next Steps Forward

Jul 13 2021 • 1 hr

Next Steps Forward host Chris Meek is joined by 20TIMinutes podcast creator and host Tim McCarthy to discuss how his own experiences with mental health, including living with ADHD, anxiety, bipolar II and manic depression, as well as a suicide attempt, has shaped his view on brain health and the topics he discusses with his guests each week on his podcast. The audience will find the manner in which Tim tackles mental health to be refreshing and completely void of judgement. His stories and perspectives will also remind the audience that individuals do not need to handle their mental health alone - we are all in it together and building a community is paramount to fostering good mental health. He uses the help of humor, positivity, motivation, insight and his own personal experiences and stories to touch on tough issues and advocate for building strong mental health and encouraging those to seek help if they need it. If you’re looking for mental health motivation and a reminder to embrace who you are - this is it!