Step Up & Move Forward w/ Jotham Busfield & Jon Cunha

Next Steps Forward

Sep 28 2021 • 1 hr

Jotham Busfield and Jon Cunha help young guys between the ages of 8 and 25 years old in the Greater Boston area “Step Up + Move Forward” by providing therapy and coaching services through their company Riser + Tread. This week on Next Steps Forward, program host Chris Meek speaks with Jotham and Jon about the services that they offer, which include individual and group therapy, ADHD programming, sports performance and recovery and youth mentoring. Along with Riser + Tread, they are also the hosts of the Grim Drive podcast (https://grimdrive.com/) which they will introduce to those in the audience not already familiar with their platform. They will also speak specifically to their specialized program to help athletes strengthen their mental fitness and resolve, an especially timely topic given the prevalence that mental health among athletes has finally been given in the media. A topic that has for too long been brushed under the rug, Jotham and Jon have special insight where approaching mental health through the lens of athletics is concerned. Believers in prehab versus rehab, or training individuals to develop skills to manage circumstances as they come instead of after circumstances occur, this is a must listen for parents with young guys who may be experiencing changes in mental health, athletes and anyone who is looking for more information on the relationship between mental health and athletics.