From Survivor to Thriver w/ Erik DaRosa & Marc Fernandes

Next Steps Forward

Nov 23 2021 • 1 hr

Erik DaRosa and Marc Fernandes, hosts of the From Survivor to Thriver podcast, aim to shatter the stigma long associated with speaking out and speaking up about mental health issues without desensitization. In their efforts to disrupt discussions surrounding mental health and wellness, Erik and Marc stop by Next Steps Forward to speak with program host Chris Meek about normalizing those discussions, especially among men, and helping drive home the point that it is okay for people to have those sometimes tough conversations with those they trust, whether its a sibling, parent, cousin, coworker or friend. They also speak to the importance of asking questions within the mental health space. In addition, they will speak in-depth about their podcast and the voice it gives to the survivor to thriver movement, as well as their aim to build a community of those who feel comfortable and able to share their stories in order to help listeners, some of whom may not already have a voice, so that they too can feel as though they are not alone.