TURNAROUND: How to Change Course w/ Lisa Gable

Next Steps Forward

Aug 31 2021 • 1 hr

Lisa Gable, who has served as the CEO of several organizations, former Presidential appointee, US Ambassador, UN Delegate and advisor to fortune 500 companies, speaks with Next Steps Forward host Chris Meek about how she has been recognized worldwide as a turnaround mastermind through her work orchestrating and executing successful turnarounds of well-known private and public organizations of all industries. On October 15, 2021 Lisa’s book “TURNAROUND - How to Change Course When Things Are Going South” will be available for the first time and highlights her powerful method for rejuvenating and elevating ventures that have gone stale or find themselves in trouble. Her method, though simple, includes the effective steps of visualizing the future, breaking down the present and executing with confidence and diplomacy - all steps that she will expand on for the audience during her discussion. Not only will Lisa discuss the organizations she has previously helped turnaround, but she will also speak to the power of mentorships. Having been fortunate enough to have had life-changing and impactful mentors throughout the course of her career, she will speak to how she now positions herself as a mentor in order to help foster the next generation of thought leaders. She is a believer that ultimately as we build relationships, we start to grow with the people that we have cultivated relationships with. Additionally, having carried out meaningful work to uplift women in Afghanistan through some of her various positions, Lisa will weigh in on the timely and important topic of Afghan women in regards to the U.S.’s recent withdrawal from the nation. Lisa and others sought to take women from living in what she describes as essentially the middle ages and help them make tremendous progress by elevating their participation in free enterprise. The audience will find her not only to be a powerful voice on the unfolding situation abroad but will take many of her lessons on business and relationships and be able to apply them to their own lives in a consequential way.