Rebuilding Your Immune System

Creating Calm: Parenting with Mind-Body-Spirit

Jan 10 2023 • 34 mins

“What we think and what we eat - combined together - make what we are physically and mentally.” Edgar Cayce reading 288-38. Join Corinne Cayce, MA, integral life coach, and integrative physician Dr. Arlene Dijamco as they breakdown how to actualize this statement from the Edgar Cayce readings—with a special focus on recovery from the barrage of viruses that circulate in the winter. What foods can we easily integrate into our family’s diet to help restore our immune system? What simple practices can we prioritize that elevate the scientific truth affirmed countless times in the Cayce readings that our thoughts and attitudes are just as essential to our wellbeing- and physical experience- as the visible choices we make.  Sharing stories, recipes and inspiration, Corinne and Arlene offer easy, accessible ways to integrate body-mind health in your life.

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