Fampridine for upper limb function in MS; Family practices and COVID; Motions for judgement

Physician's Weekly Podcast

Aug 5 2021 • 30 mins

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About a third of multiple sclerosis patients find that oral fampridine improves their walking speed by about 25%. However, it is unknown whether fampridine can also improve upper limb function. In a randomized trial run by neurologist Dr. Maria Gaughan at University College Dublin, Ireland addresses this question.

There are many reasons a defense lawyer asks for a case to be dismissed by the Court. But what are the conditions under which a malpractice suit can be dismissed? Dr. MedLaw, as always, provides a clear and practical answer to that question.

Dr. Linda Girgis, dedicated board-certified family physician in private practice and Editor in Chief of Physician’s Weekly discusses the landscape  of primary care practice today with COVID.