COVID Variants to Meet at Olympics; SERMO Surveys Docs: Vaccine Resistance

Physician's Weekly Podcast

Jul 16 2021 • 34 mins

Do you remember that the Zika virus outbreak was a real concern at the Brazil Olympic Games of 2016? To find out if Japan has been able to learn from that experience, Physician’s Weekly speaks with Dr. Annie Sparrow, assistant professor of population, and health science, and policy at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, about the potential risks for the Paralympics, held just one month later.

Also in this episode, our correspondent Kai Marshall speaks with our regular expert contributor with the pseudonym Dr. Medlaw about how a doctor should prepare for a deposition in a malpractice case: in a court of law, what should you wear? How should you act? What should you never,  ever do?

First, we speak to Dr. Guy Jones, an Radiation Oncologist in Reno where he serves as the Medical Director for Oncology Nevada. SERMO, in case you don’t know of it, is a social media platform for physicians. Recently, Dr. Jones and colleagues polled over 70,000 physicians to generate the COVID-19 Real Time Barometer, gathering data about how physicians can counter vaccination resistance. For example, more than 72% of physicians surveyed said that patients continue to voice concerns over vaccine side effects. Still others have reported ongoing misinformation discouraging people from getting vaccines.