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BaaS: Compliance as a Competitive Advantage Pt. 2
Mar 31 2023
BaaS: Compliance as a Competitive Advantage Pt. 2
This week’s podcast is part two of a conversation all about BaaS or banking-as-a-service. If you haven’t listened to our previous podcast it contains part one of this conversation, so we recommend that you go back and listen if you haven’t yet. This week though we are rejoined by Paul Wilmore, PerformLIne’s COO, Tanner Mayo, President of FedFis and the BaaS association, and Amanda Swoverland, Chief Compliance officer at Unit, as they discuss:The inconsistency in the regulatory climate in this industry, and thoughts on what’s to come.How players in this space can use compliance as a competitive advantage.How using a scalable platform to automate your compliance process can increase your number of fintech partnerships and thus growth.And what the next 6-10 months might look like in this space.Show Notes:4 Key Fintech Compliance Trends You Need To Know: Banks: Marketing Compliance Trends You Need to Know: Partner Banks Love PerformLine for Marketing Compliance: State of Marketing Compliance for Partner Banks and Fintechs Infographic: Compliance Checklist for Bank-Fintech Partnerships and BaaS Providers: with Paul: with Amanda: with Tanner: