How to Empower Students with Economic Independence – Earn to Learn with Kate Hoffman

Forward with NACCE

Jul 14 2021 • 25 mins

Join Kate Hoffman and host Dr. Rebecca Corbin to hear a story of the economic empowerment of college students by developing the habit of saving through a matched savings account. Founded in 2008 by finance professional, Kate Hoffman whose dream was to empower individuals to become financially competent and build lifelong assets such as education and homeownership. Learn how the Learn to Earn model breaks the cycle of generational poverty. The program was first adopted by all three state universities in Arizona and a growing number of community colleges. The U.S. Congress introduced a legislative bill "Earn to Learn Act" a bi-partisan effort directing the Department of Education to establish a college matched-savings demonstration grant program. Be inspired to find your own champions, be humble and bold at the same time, and find your own solutions to make your way forward.


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