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Networking Nightmares - Non-Mutual Follow Up • BEP 69
Feb 19 2024
Networking Nightmares - Non-Mutual Follow Up • BEP 69
📺 Watch: Networking Nightmares🔗Blog: of lukewarm networking leads fizzling out? This episode tackles the art of the "non-mutual follow-up." We'll ditch the awkward phrases and equip you with advanced English strategies to rekindle those connections gracefully, strategically, and professionally – across various scenarios. Learn to turn even ghosting contacts into opportunities!==============Contextual Example 1Subject: Quick Insights on [Trend Discussed]Dear [Director's Name],I understand your schedule must be incredibly demanding. To build on our discussion about [specific social media trend], I wanted to quickly share this report highlighting its potential impact on our industry. Would you be open to a brief chat to discuss how this might affect your current marketing strategy?Best regards, [Your Name]==============Contextual Example 2Subject: Building on our Eco-Packaging DiscussionDear [Entrepreneur's Name],It was great chatting with you this morning. I loved your insights on biodegradable materials! Would you be open to grabbing coffee sometime to continue brainstorming? I'm curious to hear more about your sourcing process.Warm regards, [Your Name]==============Contextual Example 3Subject: Wishing You WellDear [Consultant's Name],Just checking in one final time. If circumstances change and you become available for collaboration, please don't hesitate to reach out. In the meantime, I wish you continued success with your projects.Regards, [Your Name]==============🚀 Need more ADVANCED English, faster learning and more impressive speech?⭐️ Check out The Business English Podcast Premium subscription here.==============🎙️ Professional Fluency Problems? Download our FREE eBook:📖 Huge Fluency Improvements For Professionals==============💡 The Business English PodcastDM: InstagramWebsite: www.energeticenglish.comPodcast: www.thebusinessenglishpodcast.comYoutube: