FEEL Happy . January 2021 . Joe Gauthreaux's Podcast

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Feb 8 2021 • 55 mins

(REUPLOADED 02/09) I am so “HAPPY” to debut the first episode of my new podcast series, FEEL. If you like this podcast and want to get episodes early, plus bonus podcasts, live performances and more VIP content, join my Patreon at http://www.Patreon.com/djjoeg.

Thanks for joining me as we explore the complex, complicated and often times confusing "feel"ings we all have, one by one through music. For me, the only theme to kick 2020s butt out and welcome 2021 can only be “happy.”

Even in the new year, achieving true happiness is as difficult as finding “the one.” Most days, happiness for me is contentment. When my chips are down, I can sometimes dwell on the negative, even though I know turning my head just a few degrees can change my entire outlook. I think that’s why music plays a pivotal role in my quest for personal happiness. It gives me that nudge I need sometimes to shift my focu. To accomplish anything I set out to do. If Beyonce can find her Angel now, so can I, right? If Florence says the “dog days are over,” then ok, they are! Kylie is asking us to be as one again. I don’t need an engraved invitation. On the flip side, if Gaga isn’t having “fun tonight,” then maybe it’s ok, I’m not either. I’m happy knowing I’m not alone in feeling that.

The “Happy” theme is the perfect outlet for new reworks & mashups : LG’s previously mentioned “Fun Tonight,” T Swifts glorious “Happiness” from her new album, and a 2021 update of the Fire Island classic “Life, Love & Happiness” by Brian Kennedy make their debut here.

Track Listing:

00:00:05 - WE DID IT - Intro

00:00:31 - Halo (JG Mash) - Beyhive

00:06:25 - Higher Ground (JG vs Leo Blanco & MG

00:09:27 - Let the Sunshine (Acapella Interlude)

00:10:13 - Life, Love & Happiness (JG vs Guy Scheiman Rework) - Brian Kennedy

00:14:11 - For Life  (JG Let's get Happy Mash) - David Harry feat. Julio Basset

00:18:42 - Say Something  (JG Rework) - KM

00:22:53 -  Euphoria (Firzyhakim Remix)- Daniel Norheaga

00:26:08 -  Fun Tonight (JG rework) -  LG vs. YoAv & N. Stracener

00:30:34 - Alright vs Seven Cities (JG Mash)  - Solar Stone vs Red Carpet

00:33:56 - Happiness (JG mash) - Ts vs Thiago Antony

00:39:23 - Love & Happiness (Acapella Interlude) - First Choice

00:40:20 - Dog Days are Over (JG vs. DJ Fist BIG ROOM Mash)  - Florence & the Machine

00:44:45 - You Are My Family  - Joe Gauthreaux f. Inaya Day (interlude)

00:45:36 - You + I - Tom Staar & Leo Stannard

00:49:51 - Make You Feel My Love (JG vs Steven Redant Mash) - A

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