Shivers (EXTENDED) - White Party Palm Springs 2022 Promo Cast

JOE GAUTHREAUX Official Podcast

Apr 19 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

Hey guys, here is an extended version of my SHIVERS podcast, featuring two bonus tracks added to the end. "Cold Light" by KC Lights and an epic mashup I produced of "The Winner Takes It All" close out this exclusive extended mix of the previously released Shivers podcast.

This is also serves as an official promo podcast for White Party Palm Springs 2022, where I'll play the closing party on May 1 with Mauro Mozart. For tickets and more information, please visit - Hope to see you there!

Track Listing:

  • Shivers (JG Intro Mash) - ES vs Big Kid
  • Break the Ice (JG vs Diego Santander) - Britney
  • All the Way - Juan Tropis
  • Endless Story (JG Edit) - Markus Shultz
  • Cold Water (JG Mash) - Justin B
  • Won't Forget You (JG Mash) - Shouse vs Leanh
  • Odyssey (JG Mash) - Guy Scheiman vs Tosonguyn
  • Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) (JG Mash) - Erasure, Diego Santander
  • Story of My Life (JG Mash) - One Direction, Mauro Mozart
  • February (2022 Edit) - Joe Gauthreaux f. Abigail
  • Frozen (JG edit) - M, Ran Ziv
  • Hope (JG Mash) - Sigma, Carla Marie
  • Cold Heart (JG Mash) - DL, EJ, VMC
  • Cold Light - KC Lights, Leo Stannard
  • The Winner Takes It All (JG vs Kryder Mash)

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