Bias in TechCrunch Reporting on JamCovid? Data Privacy Attorney, Samantha Simms shares her concerns.

The Digital Jamaica Podcast

Mar 22 2021 • 1 hr 35 mins

On today's show we're still talking about JamCovid except this time looking at how the story was reported and asking the question was there bias? At first the reporting was standard but some started to question the motivations of TechCrunch, specifically Zack Whittaker who seem to have taken a personal interest in exposing every flaw and in great details. Data Privacy, Tech & Intellectual Property Attorney Samantha Simms, was one person who openly questioned the reporting asking why, out of all the Covid data collection systems was this one compromised and reported on so aggressively? Samantha knows all too well how these scenarios play out since she is often the attorney that gets called in to manage the fall out of a data breach. And as you'll hear this is not at all how these things are usually reported. It's a very interesting conversation and one that made me question whether I was too quick to dismiss the suspicions. It's not as if Jamaica hasn't been the target of vicious reporting in the past and nobody I've spoken thinks the government handled it well but given the barrage maybe in retrospect their response wasn't so terrible??? Let's hear what Samantha has to say about it. Watch the full conversating on YouTube.  Find links to things mentioned during this episode on the blog and follow the show on our social media pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, If you liked this episode please download, subscribe and leave a review.