S03EP6 : NTFS & The Creative Renaissance with Roshaun Clarke

The Digital Jamaica Podcast

Jul 28 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

Roshaun Clarke more popularly known as BAY-C, is an International recording artist and member of the record breaking dancehall reggae group T.O.K. Roshaun is a technologist in his own right being the lead for Spatial Innovision Services, the leading GPS and GIS solutions provider in the Caribbean. In this episode Roshaun and I discuss the exploitative nature of creative industries and how the technologically driven renaissance, and how in this instance web 3 applications like  NFT's can go a long to right some of those wrongs, outing the power back into the hands of the creative. Listen to Bay-C's new Album King Bass here and follow on Instagram. If you like the Digital Jamaica Podcast, rate the show and leave a review. Follow Digital Jamaica on social media on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also catch us over on YouTube and visit the blog.