Punctuating Your Days With Meaning (Re-Release From Season 1)

Cultivate: A Veritas Academy Podcast

Aug 16 2023 • 31 mins

This episode originally aired in October 2022 as part of our first season of Cultivate. With summer winding down, many of us parents may have a heightened awareness of way our days with our children are spent, as we seek to make the most of this time we have. This conversation may help you think differently - and even Biblically - about how to infuse your family's days with real meaning.

(Original description)

Time is a precious commodity in our families' lives today. Amid the rushing and the fullness of our schedules, it's so important that we consider how we can fill our days with meaningful activity - not just meaningless, utilitarian activity. In this episode Graham Dennis and Ty Fischer discuss how you can (and why you should) find ways to imbue your days with truth, beauty, and goodness, leading to a richer and even more enjoyable life in Christ.