The Power of Communal Meals In Your Family and School Life (Re-Release from Season 1)

Cultivate: A Veritas Academy Podcast

Jul 18 2023 • 23 mins

This episode originally aired in June 2022 as part of Season 1 of Cultivate. For those who are new to the Cultivate podcast, or if you missed this episode, we're excited to share it again!

Backyard barbecues, picnics, family reunions, impromptu gatherings - these are staple part of many of our summers. In classical Christian education, we value incorporating communal meals (we like to call them feasts!) into our school days, and there are many good reasons why your family can and should find ways to integrate regular feasting and fellowship with your friends, relatives, neighbors, church family, etc.

This episode will inspire you to open your doors and tables more often, and even alleviate your frets on whether you have enough time or resources to make more gatherings happen. Katharine Savage of Philadelphia Classical Schools talks with Ty about how regular gatherings have shaped her life, family, church, and school, and give tips on why and you can make it happen in your family, too!  Keeping this rhythm can help your family grow not only relationally with one another and with those around you, but also in Christ.