CRT, Schools, & Christians: Thinking Critically About Polarizing Cultural Conversations

Cultivate: A Veritas Academy Podcast

Aug 24 2022 • 38 mins

We're "going there" in this episode. That is, we're addressing Critical Race Theory and its place in education...while modeling and discussing how we talk about such tough and sensitive issues with those who hold opposing viewpoints.

Cultivate host and Veritas Head of School Ty Fischer is joined by three other Veritas faculty and administrators to talk about how we can prepare this generation of students to engage in controversial cultural conversations winsomely, respectfully, and effectively. Together, we'll touch on the importance of listening and empathizing with others who think differently from us, the struggle with identity in our culture today, and preparing our kids to understand differing perspectives, build relationships, and still stand firm in Christ.

Our guests this episode:

Dr. Dan Spanjer, Chairman of the Veritas Board, Veritas Principal, and former professor and Chair of the Arts and Sciences Department at Lancaster Bible College

Bruce Etter, Veritas Dean of Academics and Omnibus Teacher

Graham Dennis, Veritas Dean of Students and Omnibus and Rhetoric Teacher