The Company Branding Process - 10 Steps to Success

Brilliant Branding

May 24 2018 • 55 mins

The company naming process doesn't have to be a clouded mystery. This week's show takes you inside our proven naming and branding process, step by step, to show you expert tips to naming your company. Typically the branding process breaks down due to lack of structure. It jumps track and becomes an exercise in spitballing ideas vs. creating a company brand names that align with your core purpose and values. By following these 10 steps, your branding process will flow more evenly, smoothly and result in actual quality naming candidates that fit the bill. So put away that company name ideas fish bowl in the lobby, and forget about the three hour brainstorming sessions, and just listen along. From determining your naming team, to finding your pivot point, to setting up your branding criteria, you'll have all the necessary ingredients to naming your company bright!