Rebranding Your Non Profit Organization - 5 Steps to Success

Brilliant Branding

Jun 7 2018 • 55 mins

Rebranding a non profit organization requires a proven process to keep the project on track. In this episode of Brilliant Branding we address the five steps to successfully rename and rebrand a non profit organization, from credit unions and membership associations to charities and causes. The biggest obstacle to rebranding a non profit is not completing the project, so we discuss how to keep your team on point and moving forward. We also highlight both the do's and don't do's that come with naming a non profit, and tips to ensure you make it through from start to finish. If you run a non profit, serve on the board or work in a leadership position, this is the show for you. The right non profit brand name can raise awareness, donor contributions, create a positive perception of your organization, and attract the right clients. Before renaming your charity, make sure you check all five of these steps and you'll be on your way to a clear, concise and consistent brand identity.