Naming a Financial Services Company - Tips and Techniques

Brilliant Branding

May 31 2018 • 55 mins

Naming a financial services company runs the gamut from conservative names (e.g. United Trust & Associates) to the more current strategies such as Mint, Nutmeg and Ally. Knowing which naming strategy to use depends on your audience and your overall brand mission and purpose. On today's show, we'll discuss what strategies to use, and more importantly, what strategies NOT to use when naming your financial firm. If you plan to sell or transition your firm, having a brand name vs. a surname or legacy name can make a big difference. We'll provide insights and examples into creating timeless, meaningful financial brand names that stand the test of time -- without sounding old and outdated. Or clunky and forgettable. With over 250 brand names to our credit, Tungsten has the experience to help shine the light on best branding practices. Tune in and subscribe to learn more about how to build a better, brighter brand!