Nourish Yourself and Trust the Timing of Your Life with Michelle Fox - Episode 397

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May 22 2024 • 31 mins

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How to Nourish & Trust the timing of your life, while stepping into your worthiness to build your dream vision & expand your wealth.

Today we continue our conversation around the journey of empowerment, wellness, and self-discovery for women over 40. We're joined by the incredible culinary nutrition expert Michelle Fox, as we explore how women can nurture their bodies and souls during this enriching phase of life. Together, we discuss the profound connection between food and well-being, and how embracing a nutrient-rich diet can enhance your health and happiness.

We also tackle the importance of self-investment and the courage it takes to pursue your dreams. From my transition from a stable corporate job to entrepreneurship, to Michelle's insights on hormonal health, we highlight the barriers women face and the beauty of embracing authenticity. With stories of vulnerability and the strength that comes from failing forward, we encourage you to bet on yourself, cherish your unique contributions, and remain open to life's possibilities with faith and gratitude.

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