Is It Time to Change Your Spiritual Director or Therapist?

Becoming Me

Apr 22 2024 • 37 mins

Episode 122

This episode covers practical advice for individuals deeply invested in their integrated spiritual and emotional healing journeys. I particularly emphasise the importance of recognising when it might be time to change one's spiritual director or therapist and provide listeners with THREE signs that may indicate that it is time for a change.

There is often a natural evolution in such guidance relationships because progress in one's spiritual journey may necessitate change due to the different stages of personal development and the inherent limitations of any single guide.

Three main signs indicating the need for a new spiritual direction or therapeutic relationship are elaborated upon: the feeling of plateauing in one's growth, a change in the dynamics of the relationship that may challenge its professional boundaries, and a reduction in the feeling of safety with the current spiritual director or therapist.

The discussion also stresses the importance of being trauma-informed and recognising when deeper therapeutic work is needed beyond spiritual direction. This episode will help listeners discern their needs more effectively and make changes that support their ongoing spiritual and emotional growth.

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(00:00:26) - Introduction
(00:01:04) - The Importance of Choosing the Right Spiritual Director or Counselor
(00:04:39) - Understanding the Need for Change in Spiritual Guidance
(00:10:11) - Sign #1: You're No Longer Growing
(00:16:26) - Sign #2: The Relationship Has Changed
(00:21:29) - Sign #3: You No Longer Feel Safe
(00:30:43) - Navigating the Transition: Moving On
(00:36:11) - Conclusion

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Did anything resonate with you in my Live sharing? Have you experienced any of the three signs that I've shared? Perhaps you have experienced more that one of the signs. What is stopping you from moving on to other resources?

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