Recovering From People-Pleasing and Insecure Attachment With God

Becoming Me

Feb 19 2024 • 22 mins

Episode 114

If you're a people-pleaser, chances are good that you also have an insecure attachment with God and that your understanding of "pleasing God" comes from a place of anxiety rather than confidence.

This episode discusses the struggles of recovering people pleasers within the context of spiritual life. I  share some insights on a passage from 'Time for God' by Jacques Philippe, addressing the concept of pleasing God and how we can mis-interpret it when we lack healthy self-esteem and self-worth.

This is a particularly relevant episode to those struggling with people-pleasing and who often feel concerned that they are not "good enough" at pleasing God.

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(00:00:33) - Introduction
(00:01:21) - The Connection between People-Pleasing and Pleasing God
(00:03:28) - The Root Cause of People-Pleasing
(00:06:24) - The Importance of Secure Attachement
(00:08:40) - The Journey towards Secure Attachment with God
(00:11:09) - The Grace of Humility
(00:16:07) - The Importance of Interior Integration
(00:19:03) - Embracing the Journey
(00:21:12) - Conclusion

Available here.

Do you identify as a people-pleaser? Perhaps you recognise this in someone else. How does people-pleasing affect your relationship with God and with yourself? We need to have a secure attachment with ourselves and with God. Do you have this? How can you achieve this?

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