Why Conviction Without Integration Doesn't Help Us

Becoming Me

Jan 22 2024 • 44 mins

Episode 110

Conviction alone can’t get you where you want or need to go. When we don’t do the work of interior integration we often end up hiding behind our convictions to feel safe instead of flourishing because we are rooted in a secure relationship with God and our Self.

In this episode, I explore how personal integration is a crucial factor for living an authentic and balanced life. I share from my personal experience how having strong convictions doesn't necessarily lead to fruitful actions. Instead, it is the work of facing and accepting one's truths without fear, healing, and evolving through different stages of growth that helps us to become more open to divine grace and bear good fruit.

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(00:00:17) - Introduction
(00:02:01) - The Importance of Conviction and Integration
(00:07:20) - The Role of Trauma in Personal Growth
(00:10:21) - Virtue and Emotion Regulation
(00:11:51) - The Struggle of Living Out Convictions
(00:13:58) - God's Love in Personal Transformation
(00:25:58) - The Challenge of Living Out Conovictions in Relationships
(00:26:59) - The Journey of Healing and Integration
(00:29:52) - The Role of Discernment in the Interior Journey
(00:43:20) - Conclusion

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Have you experienced being full of passion and conviction about the kind of life you want to live while realising that you don't have the power to make that conviction a reality in your life? Can you identify how a lack of integration may be the reason for that?

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