Why Exercising Boundaries Feel "Wrong" When You're Healing

Becoming Me

Feb 12 2024 • 54 mins

Episode 113

When those of us who never had boundaries start learning to exercise them, it can feel really "wrong" to us and this may keep us second guessing if drawing boundaries is the right thing to do.

In this episode I reflect upon the struggle of exercising personal boundaries in the context of faith, familial expectations, and societal norms. I delve into my journey of establishing an authentic relationship with God and how insecurities, trauma, and distorted perceptions can impact this process.

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(00:00:16) - Introduction
(00:08:56) - The Struggle of Exercising Boundaries
(00:12:52) - The Impact of Dysfunctional Family Systems
(00:21:13) - The Role of Faith in Setting Boundaries
(00:38:17) - The Journey Towards Secure Attachment with God
(00:39:33) - My Personal Journey Towards Secure Attachment
(00:40:35) - The Fear and Anxiety of Making Mistakes
(00:43:34) - Embracing Freedom and Trust in God
(00:45:19) - The Impact of Secure Attachment on Our Identities
(00:46:54) - How to Exercise Boundaries
(00:47:15) - Overcoming Fear and Embracing God's Love
(00:53:42) - Conclusion

Available here.

Do you struggle with boundaries? Think about a particular instance of where and when you were unable to feel safe enough to exercise your boundaries? Do you feel this way with God as well? We are meant to feel safe with ourselves and God. Do you feel this secure attachment yet?

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