Understanding Enmeshment's Impact On Our Faith & Relationships

Becoming Me

Feb 26 2024 • 56 mins

Episode 115

In this episode I explore the concept of 'enmeshment', a term used in psychology to describe dysfunctional family systems marked by poor boundaries between family members and thus over-dependence (and co-dependence).

I reflect on how growing up in an enmeshed family has affected my own mental health, relationships, and understanding of faith, leading me to develop a 'Messiah Complex' - or feeling compelled to constantly help others to my own detriment.

I highlight the important role of understanding personal emotional health and trauma while practicing faith, and encourage listeners to be more compassionate with themselves, to become more whole, and grow in capacity to love well and healthily.

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(00:00:21) - Introduction
(00:00:58) - Understanding Enmeshment and Attachment Styles
(00:06:44) - The Messiah Complex and its Consequences
(00:09:06) - My Personal Experiences with the Messiah Complex
(00:37:04) - The Impact of Enmeshment on Faith and Relationships
(00:43:33) - The Journey Towards Healing and Wholeness
(00:45:51) - The Importance of Alignment and Self-Understanding
(00:54:59) - Conclusion

Available here.

Have you experienced having the Messiah Complex in your life? Perhaps you identify and have felt moments of enmeshment in some of your relationships. How have these experiences hindered your relationship with God? Has it hindered others' relationship with you or with God?

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