Dino Serrao - Street Photographer of the World

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Feb 1 2022 • 34 mins

So, imagine you’re walking to work one day….minding your own business, people coming and people going….commuters, buses, cars….maybe a street musician is playing in the background. You hear someone politely call out from behind you, ‘excuse me, do you have a minute please?’

You stop...and turn, approaching you is a smiling young man, confident, yet, humble and friendly….ball cap turned backwards on his head, a backpack on, camera in his hands and a friend following and filming with an iphone, filming him...and you…..

It might sound like this:


Dino Serrao is a street photographer. He grew up in an medieval city in the Calabria region of Southern Italy. Perhaps that’s where he acquired his ability to observe, to be fascinated by the rich diversity of humanity: black, white, yellow, man, woman, child, photographer, aborigine, gay, heterosexual, musician, didgeridoo player, street performer, homeless teenaged girl….skateboarder, elderly….

Dino moved to Australia in 2012, where he settled in Sydney….

After he started posting his street photography on social media he gained a large following…..people write him asking for more, some even sought him out, asked for a photo session, for tips on how to take photos, how to edit them….

He edits his photos on his laptop using Lightroom.

His work...if you can call it that…. went viral, he was covered in news articles and in magazines…   His biggest following is from the usa, but he’s know worldwide,

On Instagram, he has over 217 THOUSAND followers, on TikTok, 1 point 8 million….where you can see his incredible photography, spontaneous, on the spot, people like you and me.

As Dino says about his photography, “he is there not to make an impression but to make an impact” to make someone’s day...to make someone feel special, attractive, respected….

Dino says beauty has no age, no race….his photography is his way of connecting cultures, across continents and countries of different languages, people of different colors, creeds….

A successful photo shoot for Dino is to convey the truth that they are a beautiful person, unique, valued….

Before COVID hit hard, he learned that Australia was going to shut down, big time. He packed his bags and moved to Oslo Norway...he never lost a step capturing people, faces, moods….